Introductory note

The Romanian delegation at Versailles (1919)

The theme of the project is placed at the intersection of the history of diplomacy, diplomatic history, genealogy, social and institutional history. So, the present work is about a research with interdisciplinary features which aims to deal with a rather poorly explored topic in the Romanian historiography. Although there have been written some studies and there have been published various works with direct reference to some Romanian diplomats’ careers or talked about Romania’s foreign policy after the First World War, there isn’t a systematic research about the diplomatic service, which could explain the changes during the period 1918-1947. In other words, we know little about the intellectual profile, the social origin, family environment and professional path of the Romanian diplomats who activated between 1918 and 1947, a period marked by the end of the First World War as well as by the instalment of the Communist regime.
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